Novel Revival


Over a century ago a movement started in America that had its origins in the Great Awakening. Out of it would come a powerful revival known as the Azusa Street Revival.  This revival would sweep across our nation and give birth to many Pentecostal churches. BethelDC360 stands today as a testament of this mighty move of the Holy Spirit. We believe that a “righteous revolution for a radical revival” will happen again as we prepare our hearts for Christ’s soon return. We are praying and believing for a “novel revival”. 



The Civil War Revival


The Church and Christendom at large has found itself in spiritual civil disputes regarding areas of sin and the standards of holiness. The social agendas of our time are becoming increasingly more demanding and causing many in the church to reevaluate their position on biblical values. The very word of God has come under scrutiny as many question the Bible’s validity in a world where to evolve spiritually is a new normal. There have even been those who wish to edit the biblical text to fit the social and spiritual agenda of the day. This has caused great alarm in the body of Christ and deep division in many churches as well. Many are refusing adherence to biblical values and choosing to hold on to socially acceptable values. Others believe “all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16).


These disputes are not new, but rather have existed for centuries. In ancient Israel, a civil war of epic proportion was developing and both sides were deeply imbedded into their own position. The Israelites ordered the tribe of Benjamin to hand over the men of Gibeah who had committed disgraceful acts in their country. Their refusal to do so puts them in a position of validating these heinous acts. The Israelites sought God’s permission on two separate occasions to wage war against the Benjaminites who were highly skilled warriors with a reputation for being fierce in combat. Battle lines were drawn and war began with thousands of men sacrificing themselves on behalf of their cause.


Unfortunately, on both occasions the Israelites were on the losing end of this conflict even though their cause was a noble one. Again, they sought the Lord, but not for His permission, rather His authorization. They went back to Bethel weeping in the presence of the Lord as they fasted all day and into the night. Sacrifice was made before the Ark of the Covenant as the priest received a word from the Lord. This time they were given the stamp of approval from the Holy Spirit and became the victors in this campaign (Judges 20:26-28).


Our churches are coming into unchartered waters and conflicts are arising with the likes of which we have never seen before. These conflicts cannot be solved with just getting God’s permission, but rather we need His authorization. The Israelites set the proper example by showing us that it is through fasting and prayer that we overcome division and discord. Ours should not be to seek conflict, but rather consecration. I truly believe this will come about through fasting and prayer.

Jentezen Franklin shares that when we fast, it brings down the strongholds of the realms of darkness. In other words, we protest unrighteousness by having “a hunger strike against hell.” It’s through these times we can usher in revival and a true spiritual awakening in times of disagreements.


The American Civil War was one of the worst wars that Americans have ever fought. We lost more men in this one conflict than any other war. This war was fought all over the south and many portions of the northeast. Even though I grew up in many of America’s large cities, I still have roots in small town USA where remnants of the Civil War can still be found. If you ever go to Virginia, you will find a place called Caroline County.

“Caroline County was established in 1728 and was named in honor of Caroline of Ansbach, wife of the then reigning King, George II of Great Britain.” It is a quiet little county with towns with names like Ladysmith, Bowling Green, and Carmel Church. It hasn’t changed much and if you drive around a bit and use a keen eye you can still find relics of the Civil War.


Not far from Caroline County is where one of the most notorious battles of the Civil War was fought. It’s reported that 30,000 men lost their lives in neighboring Spotsylvaina County, battling over the control of the court house. This war was sad times in American history where years of talent and ingenuity lay wasted on the battle fields. Although it may be hard to find anything good, other than American unification and liberty, that came out of that war, it is a known fact that spiritual revivals broke out among troops in both the north and south armies.


“Abraham Lincoln recognized the value of religion as a stabilizing force in the Union army, and did all within his power to provide for organized spiritual guidance to soldiers. On May 4, 1861, he ordered all regimental commanders to appoint chaplains for their units. Although the Davis administration was not as supportive of organized religion as it could have been, many of the Confederate military leaders were superb. Of particular note are Generals Robert E. Lee, T. J. “Stonewall” Jackson, and Leonidas Polk. Lee and Jackson did all within their power to encourage the spreading of the Gospel in the Army of Northern Virginia.”


These efforts would set the stage for mighty revivals consisting of prayer rallies and anointed preaching during the war. The most notable one was known as the “Great Revival.” This took placed during the fall of 1863 through the Spring and Summer of 1864 as documented by Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Both the northern and southern armies experienced revivals throughout the Virginia and Tennessee theatres of war. Night after night men were attending worship services and at the end of these gatherings, they were answering altar calls before the Lord. Many sought water baptism if there was a stream or pond located nearby. Let us be mindful, all this took place in one of the most traumatic conflicts in U.S. history.


Oh, that Holy Spirit would revisit us again in the midst of the conflicts concerning righteousness the church is experiencing today. That a mighty revival would break out amongst us and our discord would become one accord. I believe the heart of God is broken and longing for His people to come into right relationship with Him. He is still saying, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV). The battle for the soul of the church will need to be fought on our knees. Anything conquered in the natural must first be conquered in the supernatural. There is no substitute for fasting, praying, and repentance before God. I believe the world is watching the church and looking for a prophetic word from God, but we will not be able hear from Him if we are fighting amongst ourselves. We are truly in the final hours and the church has a responsibility not just to make a difference, but to be the difference.


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