Camp J.A.M. (Jesus & Me)

Camp J.A.M. was founded in 2001 as an outreach ministry in the Cayman Islands that reaches young people using God’s word to disciple many. Street outreaches have also been an outlet for the ministry as we team up with the local churches in the community were, we compel those who need Jesus to come. Over the years we have used music as a strong evangelistic tool to encourage the saints and convict the sinners.

The Camp provides wholesome activities that will encourage young people of all ages to follow the principles of Christ during these challenging times. God has given this ministry international influence that has made a difference in hundreds of lives in the world. Here in Washington D.C., we are not only interested in winning souls but, are challenged to aid in the process of restoring lives for eternity. The teaching in areas of music, life skills, discipleship, and soul winning has proven to be a blessing for many. Our desire is to continue making a difference in the hearts of the all our young people we have the privilege to touch.


Crossfire Ministries Randy Shepherd and Jamie Johnson

Crossfire Ministries Randy Shepherd and Jamie Johnson


About Crossfire Ministries

Crossfire, founded in 1993 by Evangelists Randy Shepherd and Jamie Johnson, is a sports evangelistic ministry which preaches the Word of God and the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ through the following areas of ministry which include: church preaching, international trips, and summer basketball camps. They have been Intrachol part in developing BethelDC360 sports ministry. Click here to learn more.